Electrolytic starters – Technical data

Below are the technical data needed to design your electrolytic starter :

Type of motor (slip ring, brush motor, rotor motor)

Power of the motor (in kW)

Rotor voltage (Ur in Volts)

Rotor current (Ir in Amps)

Driven machine

Number of starts per hour

Start-up type (on load or off load)

Reminder :

Slip ring motor :

  • Slipring motor
  • Brush motor
  • Rotor motor

 Squirrel cage motor :

  • Squirrel cage motor
  • Cage motor

Rotoric starter :

  • Slipring motor starter
  • Starting rheostat

 Statoric starter :

  • Squirrel cage starter

 Electrolyte : mix of water & soda which conductivity varies depending on soda dose (caustic soda, NaOH)

Soda concentration of Vectrohm is rarely superior to 0.5 %