Power resistors in Industry: a demanding sector with technical challenges


Industries are a sector with multiple applications and often demanding constraints.

For metallurgy, foundry or metalworking, or the installation of industrial heating systems, METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR provides a technical solution.

The use of resistors adapted to industrial environments is particularly necessary for optimum operation of the equipment.

Indeed the resistances will allow:

  • more technical and human security
  • preserve the service life of installations
  • anticipate possible problems : failure, breakage, power failure, …
  • guarantee a better return on financial investment

Resistors in response to industrial needs

Several large-scale industrial companies, in France and internationally, have chosen safety and performance with the installation of METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR resistors. These industries relate to metallurgy, foundry or other metalworking and steel industries.

Industrial heating system: flexibility and cleanliness

The use of expanded metal resistors with low thermal inertia allows heating with great precision and without polluting gas, ideal for chemical and pharmaceutical environments.

It is for these same strengths that many industries are turning to electric heating through resistors .

Industrial companies already trust us

In France and internationally, MÉTAL DÉPLOYÉ RESISTOR works alongside all industrial applications in supporting their production process.

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A range of products in response to industry needs

DEPLOYED METAL RESISTOR meets all types of needs thanks to

  • a scalable standard range
  • specific products

When does your experience with METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR begin?