Discharge resistors

Sea wind turbine

The discharge resistors (charge and discharge) are used for discharge capacitors to safe voltage levels after powering off and to discharge batteries during testing.

A discharge resistor can be either:

  • live across the capacitor for rapid discharge without dissipation at rest,
  • is permanently connected for high reliability and low cost.

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR offers a range of discharge resistors.

Filter, discharge & PIR resistors

2 types of filter resistors: static compensators SVC and HVDC system

SVC station, to compensate for the circulation of reactive power on the electrical networks

Static compensators – SVC, improve:

  • power transmission,
  • distribution performance,
  • reactive power control.

Inductors and capacitors are used to divert harmonic currents in the resistance where they are dissipated safely.

HVDC system, transmission of electricity in high-voltage direct current

In HVDC LCC (back to back / point to point), the converter stations are polluted with numerous harmonic distortions which must then be filtered: filter alternating current – AC and direct current – DC .

When the station is powered on HVDC VSC , the pre-insertion resistor limits the charging current of the capacitors and the cable. When the station stops, the DC cable remains charged (High capacity), the energy must be discharged into a resistor (cable discharge).

When VSC is connected to wind farms for example, if the AC grid is faulty and cannot receive power, the wind turbines must be slowed down (DC Chopper).

A wide range of filter resistors

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR is at your disposal to define the specific parameters linked to your resistance needs, depending on the market.

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