Braking resistors: correct operation of the variable speed drive in complete or partial braking.

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METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR is the world leader in braking resistors from 1kW to several MW for all types and all powers of variable speed drives. A braking resistor is used to:

  • secure the descent of a load
  • protect the variable speed drive

We offer different resistor according to the specificities of applications

What is the principle of a braking resistor?

Too strong a load to decelerate or brake for the drive

For applications generating movement, the inertia of a load to be decelerated or braked may be too high:

The engine will then behave like an asynchronous generator . Which means the load will be reflected directly on the DC bus capacitors of the drive .

However, the variable speed drive has a storage capacity . Once this limit is exceeded, the load can cause degradation or even destruction of the drive and its surroundings.

The braking resistor allows the correct operation of the drive

When braking partially or completely, the braking resistor will allow:

  • the transformation of electrical energy into heat energy
  • to absorb strong power surges over long cycles
  • to preserve your equipment

Braking resistors of all powers in response to the constraints of different uses

Braking resistor

Braking resistor for variable speed drive from 1kW to many kW

It is over long cycles that Braking resistors will play the role of variable speed drive . They are able to absorb strong power surges.
Applications concerned: crane, lifting, ventilation

Braking resistors designed for lifts up to 500 kW

High-performance calculation tools provide resistances capable of dissipating significant current in order to preserve your equipment.

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR, is a world leader in braking resistors for lifting equipment such as elevators.

Braking resistors with forced ventilation from 100kW to 2MW

The mechanically-ventilated braking resistors are used for high load dissipation.

Indeed, in certain applications such as the braking of powerful cranes or cranes ventilation is necessary for good heat dissipation due to resistor braking.

The METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR teams, is at your disposal to define the specific parameters related to your braking resistors needs.

Our range of resistors meets the international standards .