Marine and offshore oil industry: the combination of robustness and small footprint


Marine applications demand optimum service because the constraints are high and numerous. Indeed, the marine environment, often saline, is a technically demanding environment.

In the naval sector, the installation of a heat engine requires major assembly operations which are sometimes irreversible. This is particularly the case with submarines or large-volume ships.

It is imperative to ensure theengine is operating properly before its setting in the hold and its adjustment before launching, is necessary.

Use a load bank which will enable this role to be fully fulfilled; it will :

  • Test engines in real conditions
  • Simulate the electrical load of the vessel’s engines
  • To confirm the right outfit
  • Validate compliance with the specifications

One of the main constraints of the marine sector is the space available on board ships and oil platforms. It is extremely limited. For this, we need load banks adapted to the constraint of “price per m²”.

In addition, load banks are also needed with armored resistive elements in stainless steel which offer a very interesting power / size ratio and ensure the best corrosive resistance to the saline environment.

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR is attentive to the most extreme technical constraints and responds to demanding specifications with a range of complete, robust and compact load or discharge banks.

Load and discharge banks, for generator maintenance

The French Navy and several companies in the naval sector, in France and internationally, have chosen safety and performance with the installation of METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR load and discharge banks.

Generator test load bank

The maintenance of generators is a key point of equipment reliability.
The load banks also make it possible to carry out the essential tests on heat engines.

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR, designs load banks to test on-board generator sets on board ships.

The design complies with maritime standards (voltage and frequency) and is adapted to environmental and climatic constraints: humidity, saline atmosphere, compactness, etc.

Oil platform in the sea

Discharge bank for battery packs

The systematic presence of batteries on board ships or submarines requires assiduous maintenance.

Thebattery packs must be regularly discharged. METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR discharge banks allow working either at constant power or at constant current, depending on the use.

Companies in the marine sector already trust us

In France and internationally, MÉTAL DÉPLOYÉ RESISTOR works alongside all applications in the marine environment, while respecting their environmental constraints.

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A range of products in response to the needs of the navy

DEPLOYED METAL RESISTOR meets all types of needs thanks to its complete, robust and compact range of load and discharge banks.

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