Braking resistors for cranes and overhead traveling cranes: to evacuate energy in complete safety

Harbor with cranes

Cranes and overhead traveling cranes require high safety and reliability braking resistors to guarantee full safety during energy evacuation.

This is why the braking resistors must be calculated according to your braking cycles and constraints: dimensions, temperature, IP, Vibration.

Resistances in response to the needs of manufacturers

The largest manufacturers of cranes and overhead traveling cranes trust METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR.

Braking resistor from 100Kw to several MW

Braking resistors must adapt to variations in speed and market requirements.

Rotor starting resistor

For harbor cranes, we design rotor starting resistors for motors above 400KW with integrated counter-current braking step.

Builders already trust us

In France and internationally, MÉTAL DÉPLOYÉ RESISTOR works alongside all manufacturers in safety equipment and their installations.

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A range of products in response to the needs of manufacturers

DEPLOYED METAL RESISTOR meets all types of needs thanks to

  • a scalable standard range
  • specific products

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