Power resistors in Aeronautics: ensuring the proper functioning of the electrical network for total safety during flight

Guaranteeing perfect in-flight safety for airplanes and helicopters requires the use of highly reliable equipment, with a concern for supply continuity.

To do this, flight tests are carried out upstream in the test laboratory, with a real situation.

This is why the load banks designed and manufactured by METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR fully play their part in validating this high-tech equipment, before any boarding as well as during maintenance operations.

Tailor-made equipment for the aeronautics sector.

  • Alternating frequency and voltage
  • A combination with direct current components
  • Aeronautical connectors
  • Atypical power levels
  • etc …

Load banks in response to the needs of aeronautics

Several aeronautical companies, in France and abroad, have chosen safety for their testing. METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR thus manufactured the electrical test banks for the validation of the A380 as well as the Tiger helicopter.

Test bank for track generators – GPU

Runway generators provide electrical power to aircraft on the ground, taking over from the APUs. Thus, the availability of these groups is crucial to minimize the downtime of the aircraft on the ground. The regular generator set test thanks to our specific load bank in 400Hz then makes it possible to ensure the good functioning of these generators.

Discharge load bank for continuous components in aeronautics

Each aircraft has a direct current circuit as well as back-up batteries. This is why it is necessary to be able to test them, during manufacturing or during regular maintenance, via a discharge bank. These tests are therefore intended to ensure the proper functioning of the emergency and security systems.

A range of products in response to the needs of aeronautics

DEPLOYED METAL RESISTOR meets all types of needs thanks to

  • a scalable standard range
  • specific products

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