Starting resistor for variable speed drives from 7.5kW to 2MW: stator starting & rotor starting


The starting resistors for starting electric motors in industrial equipment are used to:

  • Limit the starting current of the motors
  • While maintaining strong torque

They are particularly used in the following applications

Rotor starting resistors

Stator or rotor starting resistors

For smooth and efficient starting of the slip ring motor

Rotor resistors are used for slip-ring motors which offer high starting torques. These engines offer possibilities of:

  • fine tuning
  • good Current / Torque linearity around the nominal current

The resistors are used to control the ring motor. Rotor start-up with Metal Deploye Resistor resistors is thus carried out in several stages, generally between 3 and 5 times. Which ensures smooth and efficient engine starting .

Without rotor starting resistors, the slip ring motor will start under unfavorable conditions: very low initial torque and inrush current 7 times greater than the nominal. Our resistors designed according to your needs allow flexible and efficient starting.

Functions and advantages of rotor starting

Suitable for industrial environments and very severe cycles

Wide range of power or voltage

High starting and braking rates

Possibility of replacing a FILREX, TOLREX La Thermostatique, SEIEM, GEC France, La Mécano Française brand devices

Rotor starting resistors for slip ring motors

Flexible start-up of equipment

A stator starting resistor plays an essential role in the control of electric motors, fans, compressors , etc …

It allows gradual starting, without jerks:

  • avoiding hammer blows on the pipes
  • by protecting the turbine of the pump
  • by increasing the lifespan of the equipment

Indeed, integrated between the line contactor and the motor, it makes it possible to limit the starting current to 3.5 times the nominal current of the motor instead of 6 to 7 times during starting.

Reliable, robust and economical

It can be used in environments with the harshest conditions (unreliable electrical networks, high heat, humidity, vibrations, corrosive atmosphere, heat, dust, etc.)

Easy to install and use

A rotor starting resistor is easy to use:

  • Limited starting current supply
  • Simple installation and reduced maintenance

A complete range of resistors is available: braking, starting and traction

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR offers a complete range of resistors to control the motor of your equipment:

Our team is at your disposal to define the specific parameters related to your needs for starting resistors.

Our range of resistors meets the international standards .