Nuclear: a sector of high power and constraints in controlling electrical power

Nuclear plant

The electrical power of a nuclear power plant varies from a few megawatts to several thousand megawatts depending on the number and type of reactors in service on the site.

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR works in collaboration with several nuclear power plants in France and around the world, to control the continuity of electrical supply thanks to load banks.

What is the use of the load bank in a nuclear power plant?

The electrical distribution system of a nuclear power plant is designed to meet the needs of normal operation of the unit for 2 stages:

  • when it produces electricity
  • during downtime

However, the distribution circuit also supplies power to the equipment in the event of an incident or accident on the installation, ie the back-up system.

Emergency diesel generators provide power to the reactor safety systems in the event of loss of electrical power from the national grid.

The reliability of these generators is crucial.

For this, it is essential to regularly test the proper operation of the generating sets using a load bank .

Nuclear power plant managers call on builders such as METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR to manufacture load banks that can provide several megawatts.

Nuclear power plants already trust us

In France and internationally, MÉTAL DÉPLOYÉ RESISTOR is able to support all power plants in their safety process.

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