3.3 MVA load bank and beyond by interconnecting them: control of the highest electrical power levels

Assala container load bank - Metal Depoye Resistor

In response to the growth in electricity production in France and around the world, METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR offers high power load banks electric , 3.3 MVA and beyond by interconnecting them.

For large-scale installations meeting significant electricity needs, the 3.3 MVA load bank is:

  • Security : be able to start instantly and at any time
  • The performance : ensure load recovery with stable voltage and frequency production
  • Optimization : limit fuel consumption and minimize polluting emissions

What are the challenges for production and emergency power plants?

Power generation and emergency power plants today face several challenges:

  • a significant power requirement,
  • absolute continuity of activity,
  • without breakdown or damage.

A generator that is seldom used or has a low load often does not work properly.

Installing a load bank and carrying out a test of a generator set will allow:

  • a Preventive maintenance by reducing the risk of failure
  • a corrective maintenance by maintaining equipment at nominal performance

3.3 MVA and more load bank: what are its strengths?

NAVAL Group 40ft 3.2MVA container load bank - Metal Deploye Resistor

The 3.3 MVA container allows you:

  • to guarantee proper functioning of the equipment,
  • to limit premature aging,
  • to reduce unexpected breakdowns,
  • to reduce unavailability (limit downtime),
  • to decrease the costs associated with curative maintenance.

to treat 95% of power standards

With its active power of 3.3 MVA at 480V, 60Hz, this load bank can operate over a voltage range of 380 to 480V for frequencies of 50 or 60Hz.

Standard and easy handling

Compact and lightweight, it is a 10-foot-high container (“high cube container”), CSC certified , weighing less than 8 tons. It is transported and handled by a 10-ton crane truck, without the need for an exceptional convoy. (Learn more about all our mobility and transport functions )

Analysis of test data whatever the applications

10-inch touch screen for better ergonomics

Dedicated software for ease of use

Data report for technical performance optimization

Save time during connection

The power connection is facilitated by a large connection space, and practical thanks to its double access.
Two entries:

  • In front
  • From below

A range of high power load banks

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR offers a full range of load banks able to meet the significant needs in electrical capacity for all types of sectors ( Utility , Industry , Oil & Gas , etc …) and environments, even the most restrictive ones.

All our resistive / reactive load banks

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR, is at your disposal to define the specific parameters linked to your needs.