Load bank: load cycles in automatic operation

Editor cycle

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR load banks can be ordered in 3 different ways

Pre-programmed test cycle allows for automatic operating cycles

Each step corresponds to a power setpoint and an application duration. Once configured, the cycle remains in memory. The number of cycles in memory is limited to 20.

Control of a container load bank

From the touch screen, several possible actions

  • Create cycle
  • Modify a cycle
  • Duplicate a cycle
  • Run a cycle
  • Pausing a cycle in progress
  • Stop the current cycle

The Measurement page is used to view the network parameters

  • The 3 line voltages
  • The 3 line currents
  • Active power
  • Frequency

Two types of displays are available:

  • Digital display for viewing instantaneous values
  • Curve type display to visualize the evolution of values

Export recorded data

From the digital display of network parameters, the operator can export the data recorded on an external storage device connected to the front USB port.
The recording capacity is 10,000 entries (lines) with a sampling rate of one second, allowing approximately 2.7 hours of data to be stored.

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR, is at your disposal to define the useful options ( trailer or customized colors, load bank protection … ) to your use and operation needs.