Load bank for Data Center: data security and assurance of service continuity

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Data center

In computer rooms, server centers, data centers – data centers, it is essential to test the power supply and air conditioning as well as the server racks. Data protection is at stake!

Load banks are used throughout the establishment of a data center and beyond.

Upstream, the load bank makes it possible to:

  • validate infrastructures
  • formalize the possibility of installing computer equipment .

This is called the “ complete building test “. Thus, the load bank will simulate the power consumption and the heating of computers or servers, downstream.

This guarantees the security of installing often expensive and sensitive equipment under the best conditions.

Load banks to test and validate computer racks

A computer bay is equipped with several components: patch panels, switches, routers, servers, inverters, electrical strips, etc.

The load banks test :

  • the regularity of the power supply
  • allow you to check the correct power supply capacity emergency, generator and / or inverters. And this, at the key moment of the lane changeover (A to B), and vice versa.

Depending on the type of rack and servers, the powers required can vary from 5kW to several tens of kW . The air conditioning temperature also varies.

The discharge benches validate the autonomy of the batteries . To monitor their capacity, monitoring systems are then permanently installed, particularly for large capacity data centers.

Several data centers, in France and internationally, have chosen security and performance with the installation of mobile load banks and rack-mountable load banks from the METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR range.

Mobile air heater load banks: 21kW

These mobile load banks are intended for acceptance test of computer rooms during the construction, renovation or maintenance of data centers. They guarantee an exact view of the functioning of the room in operating condition.

The 21kW (3 x 7Kw) unit heater load bank in single-phase / three-phase fits into a 19-inch bay for air conditioning tests and computer or audiovisual room electrical tests.[Lien vers page produit]

Rack-mountable load bank: from 5 to 21 kW

The rack mountable resistive load bank , which is inserted into a server rack, makes it possible to simulate the consumption of a server and therefore to test both:

  • the correct power supply (including when switching from the main source to the UPS backup sources and Generator ),
  • evacuation of heat generated by air conditioning systems.

These tests are carried out almost systematically during the Data center commissioning , before installing the servers.

The different types of filter resistors

In France and abroad, DEPLOYED METAL RESISTOR works alongside the main data centers in the implementation of security systems and prevention of shutdown of the general power supply.

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