Backup system – Service continuity – Data security

Optimizing and securing the commissioning, operation and maintenance of data centers

When data centers are put into service, or commissioned (such as computer rooms, IT rooms, server centers or data centers), it is crucial to test electrical installations (main network and power generators) as well as air conditioning and server racks.

Data center equipment is very sensitive to power supply disruptions, which makes checking everything before commissioning crucial: data protection is at stake!

Load banks are used during commissioning to :

  • Test backup power generators
  • Test infrastructures before they are electrified
  • Test and control equipment within the IT room (inverters, UPS, air conditioning…) necessary to operation and maintenance.
  • validate and secure the connection and commissioning of equipment

This is called “comprehensive infrastructure testing”. The load bank will simulate the electrical consumption and heating up of computers, including in intensive use. This guarantees the optimal installation of equipment which is oftentimes costly and sensitive, with controlled PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness).

Load banks to test and certify IT racks

An IT rack is composed of several components: patch panels, switches, routers, servers, inverters, electrical bands, etc.

Load banks test the stability of electrical installations and allow checking the proper capacity of the backup power source, power generator and/or inverter While switching between both sources. Power and air conditioning requirements vary according to the type of bay and server. These tests are systematically carried out during the implementation of the data center, before servers are installed. Load banks enable the simulation of a server’s consumption, and the subsequent testing of:

  • the proper electrical power supply, including when switching between main power sources and backup UPS sources and power generators,
  • the evacuation of heat generated by air conditioning systems.

Discharge banks certify a battery’s autonomy. In order to control their capacity, monitoring systems are permanently installed, especially for large-capacity data centers.

An array of load banks to fit the needs of data centers

LARA load banks to test your power generators

The LARA load bank variety addresses testing, loading and discharge needs for all types of power generators, including thermal generators, and electrical equipment (inverters…)

  • LARA S : for a maximum power of 1050 kW
  • LARA D : for a maximum power of 2100kW or 1300 kVA
  • LARA 10 : for a maximum power of 3750 kW or 2750 kVA
  • LARA 20 : for a maximum power of 7500 kW or above 2750 kVA

View the LARA catalog here

Rackable AC/DC load banks

Rackable load banks are designed to integrate directly into IT server docks.

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR : choosing safety and performance !

In France and abroad, METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR assists various key players (power generator manufacturers, installers,engineers, operators…) to secure their installations.

Data center load bank example

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