UPS load bank : smooths the electrical voltage and switches to a back-up battery

The inverter or UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), will allow protect your electrical equipment from disturbances or hazards such as a power failure or a break in the power source.

This is a housing placed at the interface between the electrical network and the equipment to be protected. The inverter will even out the electrical voltage , by removing peaks exceeding a certain threshold.

Thus, in the event of a problem, the UPS will provide the few minutes necessary to switch to a backup battery.

The UPS test with a load bank is then recommended to ensure its proper operation.

Security against multiple sources of power interruption

Indeed, several causes of power supply interruption can appear, from the most basic to the most serious.

Consequences of an electrical interruption

Several types of possible impact on your facilities or your production:

  • Micro power cut : the few thousandths of a second of a power cut that can result in restarting a computer
  • A power failure over a determined time for a specific process
  • Overvoltage : a nominal value greater than the maximum value provided for the normal operation of an electrical device
  • Under pressure : a nominal value lower than the maximum value provided for the normal operation of an electrical device
  • Tension peaks : an instantaneous overvoltage, of short duration, and of high amplitude, due to the stopping or starting of high-power devices, and which can eventually damage the electrical components.
  • Lightning : a very significant overvoltage occurring suddenly during bad weather conditions The majority of electrical disturbances are tolerated by computer systems,

Potential damage

The damage can be substantial, resulting in, depending on the environment:

  • data loss especially in a data center or a banking center
  • service interruptions , involving vital issues in hospitals
  • damage in industrial facilities
  • financial losses for most sectors

In the event of a power cut, the energy stored in the back-up battery allows the equipment to be powered for a short time.

It is therefore essential to test your inverters with a load bank and thus avoid this kind of consequence.

A range of inverters in response to the power of all your connected equipment

The duration of the electrical protection provided by an inverter is expressed in VA (Volt-Ampere).

It is considered that for a protection corresponding to a power cut of 10 minutes, it is necessary to have an inverter with a capacity equal to the power of all the equipment connected to the inverter multiplied by a coefficient of 1.6 .

Id est :
Power of your equipment in watts x 1.6 = power required in VA

A complete range of tailor-made load banks

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR , is at your disposal to define the specific parameters related to your needs for your load banks for inverters or any type of load bank.

We therefore offer a complete range of load banks: