Capacitor cabinets: optimize energy efficiency and stability of electrical networks

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A capacitor cabinet: what is its use?

Capacitor cabinets are essential elements for optimizing the energy efficiency and stability of electrical networks.

Capacitor cabinets are used to correct the power factor : correction of the PHI tangent of an electricity consuming or producing installation. They compensate for reactive power in an electrical network, which improves energy efficiency and stabilizes voltage.

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A complete range of capacitor cabinets to meet all needs (high and low voltage)

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR offers a complete range of capacitor cabinets suitable for various applications: data centers, industrial environments and energy production.

Our range of capacitors extends from 230V to 36kV , thus covering a wide range of needs in terms of voltage and capacity. Our cabinets meet the requirements of small installations up to large industrial and energy infrastructures.

Main advantages of capacitor cabinets

  • Reduction of losses : by reducing reactive power
  • Improved energy efficiency : the installation of capacitors helps reduce the consumption of installations (KVA)
  • Voltage stabilization : better energy quality

Types of cabinets

Our capacitor cabinets can be:

  • Automatic : for optimal and automatic management of the power factor, adapted to load variations.
  • Fixed : for constant power factor correction needs, ideal for stable loads.

Customized capacitor cabinets according to your needs

Each cabinet can be equipped with anti-harmonic chokes . These chokes protect the capacitors from harmonic distortions present in the electrical network. By reducing these harmonics, chokes increase the life of the capacitors and improve the overall performance of the system.

We offer a range of capacitors completely without plastic casing in order to avoid any risk of fire and guarantee better long-term reliability.

Our solutions are modular to adapt to your precise specifications . Our team of experts is available to offer technical advice and help you determine the type of cabinet that best suits your needs. For this, our experts can come to your site to carry out the necessary measurements. We ensure that the installation is carried out optimally and offer you effective maintenance solutions.

Services & support

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR has a design office capable of designing and manufacturing custom capacitor cabinets to meet all types of technical or environmental needs and constraints.

We also offer a wide range of options for capacitor cabinets . These options help meet the most stringent performance and safety requirements in critical environments.

French design and manufacturing
World leader in tailor-made resistors

We operate all over the world

Based in Montbard (Côte-d’Or, France), METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR combines French quality know-how, regional roots and international influence .
With more than 80 years of technical expertise in electrical resistances, we master all tensions and all powers , for installations ranging from a few kilowatts to several megawatts.
Quality procedures, an innovation and R&D approach and an optimized internal organization, which allow us to closely monitor the needs of our international customers.

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