Motor control resistors: brake resistors, start resistors & traction resistors

The resistors play an essential role in controlling high-power electric motors , for starting and braking. They make it possible to limit the starting currents of the motors of compressors , of pumps , fans … They regulate the operation of motors which drive lifting and handling machines . Simplicity, reliability, robustness, these are the advantages of resistors often combined with electronic systems .


Starting resistance for variable speed drive

The starting resistors allow to start electric motors in industrial equipment. Their purpose is to limit the current when the motor is started while ensuring sufficient rotational force.

They are often used in the following sectors:

We offer different types of starting resistors:

  • Rotor resistors
    • Rotor start
    • Heel slip resistance
  • Stator resistors

Braking resistor for variable speed drive

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR has been an expert in braking resistors from 1kW to 500kW for all variable speed drives for more than 80 years.

A braking resistor allows you to protect and ensure the correct operation of your variable speed drive but also to secure the descent of a load.

They are particularly present in application sectors that generate movement: lifting, overhead crane , Elevators , naval applications , Ventilation.

Railway traction resistors

On electric traction vehicles (trains, TGVs, trams, the deceleration force is obtained simultaneously by mechanical braking and by electric braking, most often rheostatic which activates high performance resistors. We call them “ traction resistors ”.

Technologies used are:

  • Gridex
  • ARU

Our tensile resistors can be installed in two distinct ways:

  • On- board resistors
  • Resistors in a fixed position , in a substation.