Braking resistor for variable speed drive from 1kW to 600 kW

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What is the principle of a braking resistor?

The braking resistor therefore enables the correct operation of the drive in complete or partial braking. It will thus transform electrical energy into calorific energy. It is also capable of absorbing strong power surges over long cycles.

Braking resistors are suitable for various applications thanks to their technical advantages: overhead cranes, container ships, cranes, automated production lines, etc.

High-performance resistors

  • High powers
  • Attractive price
  • Small footprint
Braking resistor

The most compact resistors on the market

Braking resistors for variable speed drives can dissipate up to 2,000 permanent W in IP 20 and 1,600 W in IP 23, with very high overload possibilities: more than 25 kW in 1 second.

Current values available in stock

An immediate response to the main ohmic values on the market: 28 Ω, 40 Ω, 60 Ω, 100 Ω. For values from 9 to 133 Ω, consult us.

IP 20 and IP 23 presentation

IP 20 presentation:

  • Continuously galvanized steel cover
  • Fixing hole 40 x Ø11 mm
  • Approximate weight: 4 kg

IP 23 presentation:

  • Horizontal mounting is imperative
  • Continuously galvanized steel cover
  • Fixing hole 40 x Ø 11 mm
  • Approximate weight: 4 kg

Resistors for many applications: lifting and industry

Braking resistors for variable speed drives withstand heavy loads and severe cycles in many applications such as lifting or industry.

French quality resistors, adaptable to technical constraints

The METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR range of braking resistors are made in France. They are high quality stainless steel and adapt to:

  • dimensional constraints
  • at low and medium voltage levels
  • braking cycles linked to the actual use of the application
  • to personalized requests, such as the addition of accessories, the choice of paint, forced ventilation, etc.

One application for several markets

A range of braking resistors for all your voltage levels up to 600 kW

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR offers a complete range of braking resistors adapted to your powers from 1 kW to 600 kW and other degrees of protection on request. Optionally, a safety thermostat.

Among the other braking resistors in the range:

  • Braking resistors designed for lifts up to 500kW
  • Braking resistors with forced ventilation from 100kW to 2MW link Ventilated braking resistors
Permanent power table from 4 to 30 kW
Permanent power table from 30 to 70 kW

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR is at your disposal to define the specific parameters related to your brake resistors needs for variable speed drives.

Our range of resistors meets the international standards .