Project support from A to Z in your industrial resistor project: quality service

Sales engineer in an industrial factory

Several data centers – Data centers, in France and abroad, have opted for safety and performance with the use of load banks from the METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR range.

Example of a load bank for a Data Center

In France and abroad, METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR is alongside the main Data centers in the implementation of security systems and prevention of shutdown of the general power supply.

Example of a load bank for a Data Center

For its customers in France and around the world, METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR provides tailor-made support with a dedicated team for each of its customers. And this at all stages of the project:

  • installation,
  • maintenance,
  • Training …

And for all its range of products:

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR places the quality of its products and services among its priorities.

It is a mix of high-tech craftmanship , with recognized performance and personalized follow-up in response to the needs and constraints of its customers, in France and around the world.

This is why teams of engineers and technicians offer you a preliminary study of your project, beforehand.

Upstream from your project: preliminary study, feasibility analysis, design …

Project evaluation

Objectives, schedule, budget… all your criteria are taken into account in a preliminary study of your project.

Tailor-made study

For your large-scale projects, a personalized and technical study is carried out.

Design and manufacture of resistors

Before launching into manufacturing, we analyze together the technical feasibility and performance required in response to your needs.

Resistance test

Resistance test

We systematically carry out type tests in the factory.
We have an in-house testing lab.

A range of services adapted to your needs and constraints

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR engineers are at your disposal for the

DEPLOYED METAL RESISTOR meets all types of needs thanks to

  • a scalable standard range
  • specific products

When does your experience with METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR start?