Reactive load banks: corrects the apparent power supplied
by electricity generators

container load bank Assala - Metal Depoye Resistor

A reactive load bank: what is it for?

Electric power = active power + reactive power

A generator set independently produces electricity of different power levels. This power is said to be apparent or true and is the trigonometric sum of the active and reactive power.

The reactive power required for systems equipped with a winding

Reactive power is not really power strictly speaking since one cannot “work” with it. On the other hand, it is generated by many systems or equipment, especially those equipped with a winding :

  • rotating motors,
  • refrigeration devices,
  • some computer components
  • etc….

This power must then be dissipated lest your electricity provider overcharge you.

The reactive load bank to correct reactive power

This reactive power can be compensated by capacitor banks . Indeed, they have the property of being able to supply reactive energy to the system when it needs it. This is where the load bank comes in by:

  • correcting reactive power
  • regularizing the cosine Phi , that is, the power factor.

A range of reactive load banks

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR designs and manufactures tailor-made reactive load banks. Among the range of reactive load banks, we distinguish:

  • The inductive load banks made up of resistors and inductors,
  • The inductive load banks made up of inductors,
  • The capacitive test banks made up of capacitors.

Reactive load banks are used to:

  • decrease or increase the value of the phase shift between the network voltage and the current absorbed by the installation
  • test under full load alternators.

A complete range of tailor-made load banks

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR is at your disposal to define the specific parameters related to your needs for the testing of generator sets and other electrical equipment.

We therefore offer a complete range of load banks: