METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR: world’s leading manufacturer of electric power resistors

Today, METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR is the world leader in the design and manufacture of electrical power resistors, fabric, woven and expanded metal.

French know-how, global standing

MDR workshop

The products are designed and manufactured in France, by engineers and technicians able to offer efficient and appropriate technical solutions.

Based in Montbard (Côte-d’Or, France), METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR is French quality know-how, regional roots and international influence.

Member of Metal Valley – Group of industrial companies in Montbardois, it is a committed player, involved in the industrial dynamism of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region.

An international dimension

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR products are delivered worldwide through an international distribution network. We have sales agents in Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia and Australia.

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More than 80 years of technical expertise in electrical resistances

MDR workshop

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR is above all specialized in the control of all levels of voltage and all power, for installations ranging from a few kilowatts to several megawatts. Large-scale projects for multiple applications:


  • Transmission and distribution: networking of high voltage networks, distribution and production of energy
  • Oil & Gas


  • Rail traction: braking rheostat for the TGV
  • Industry


  • Generator
  • Renewable energies: energy transition

Resistors that meet ISO quality standards and certification

As part of a sustainable and constant approach of quality and innovation, METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR provides a technical response adapted to high power electrical constraints.

Certified ISO 9001-VERSION 2015 , the procedures are rigorously analyzed and audited through continuous monitoring from design to installation of products.

Quality procedures and an optimized internal organization that allow customers to follow their needs as closely as possible.

in France and
in the world
Design and
French made
15 M €

A range of resistors: answers to all levels power and voltage


Earthing resistance (MALT)

They protect energy transmission and distribution networks against destruction or disturbance caused by excessive current.

Thus, they can:

  • Protect electrical station equipment and networks against possible failures
  • Avoid destruction and disruption

Filter resistance // Discharge resistance // Pre-insertion resistance

These resistors are dedicated to High Voltage systems. They can :

  • Start and protect by limiting currents and absorbing energy
  • Improve signal quality and installation efficiency by eliminating unwanted harmonics HVDC Classic / VSC-HVDC Static Var Compensator (SVC) / STATCOM
Container load bank

Resistor for load banks

Installing a load bank ensures the proper functioning of electrical energy production systems (generators, inverters, etc.). Load banks guarantee a secure return on investment:

  • Ensure efficient maintenance of installations
  • Increase their lifespan
  • Reduce the risk of breakdowns and costly repairs
  • Limit polluting emissions
  • To avoid forced immobilization of generating sets
  • Test their performance
Container load bank

Traction resistors

They are used for the braking of railway locomotives (trains, TGV, tramways).

  • AARU resistors
  • Braking rheostat
  • Auxiliary circuit resistors
Container load bank

Industrial heating resistor

They allow the use of electrical energy in applications related to heating for the chemical, pharmaceutical or food industries.

  • Heating elements
  • Hot air generator
  • Floor heating
Container load bank

Braking resistor

  • Braking resistors for variable speed drives
  • Ventilated resistors
  • Liquid cooling resistors
  • Resistors for elevators

French design and manufacturing
World leader in tailor-made resistors

GRIDEX technology

GRIDEX U: Standard grids
52 references for 52 resistive values
GRIDEX N & F: Custom grids
Wide choice of shapes and sizes
GRIDEX T: Woven resistors
High resistive values and high voltage
GRIDEX G: Formed grids
Rigid, unbreakable, stainless steel

Innovation and R&D: technical investments in the service of power resistors

Each year, 5% of turnover is invested in research and development. Type tests are carried out in a research laboratory (lightning strikes, temperature rise tests, dielectric tests).

Technical and local partners

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR is a founding member of the Métal Valley association. A structure made up of emblematic industrialists located in the Montbard – Venarey les Laumes basin (Côte d’Or).

The objective of Metal Valley is to promote companies and contribute to the development of the territory in a sustainable way by developing partnerships with the various local and regional players, particularly in terms of employment and the attractiveness of the territory.

From design to training: projects fully taken care of

The design and manufacture of products are adapted to demand. And this thanks to a range designed to meet all needs and all constraints, supported by the best modern technologies and tools: CAS, resistance calculation tool, equipment analysis, internal testing laboratory.


A integrated design office which has the knowledge necessary for the expertise of the industrial context in which the resistances will be inserted.

  • Definition of need,
  • Expertise in co-development and innovation
  • Feasibility studies


Via dedicated software developed by teams of engineers.



  • Type tests
  • Systematically in the factory


Installation and commissioning on site.

Maintenance and modification operation (retrofit).

Applied research laboratory , in order to perform thermal and mechanical tests, as well as electrical and dielectric measurements up to 150 kV, as well as 24 kJ lightning impulse tests up to 800 kV.

Testing station carries out the final checks.

Permanent technological watch, via partnerships with research institutes and independent laboratories.

After sales service.


Training of operators and technicians on site.

Customers who trust us

ABB • ALSTOM • ACELOR MITTAL • DALKIA • GE • Nissin • RTE • SNCF • Hydro Quebec • Siemens • Total • Schneider • Leroy Somer • Rockwell Automation • Walt Disney World • Naval Group • EDF • Orano • French Army • SOCOMEC • MICHELIN • AREVA • MITSUBISHI • MAN • KORAIL • LOXAM • FIVES