DC Chopper Resistor for Wind Turbine Equipment

DC chopper resistors are only found for the technical needs of installations connected to wind turbines, for their braking system .

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR offers a range of filtering resistance dedicated to this type of application.

Filter, discharge & PIR resistors

Braking system for wind turbines

In HVDC LCC (back to back / point to point), the converter stations are polluted with numerous harmonic distortions which must then be filtered: alternating current – AC and direct current – DC filter.

When the station is powered on HVDC VSC , the pre-insertion resistor limits the charging current of the capacitors and the cable. When the station stops, the DC cable remains charged (High capacity), the energy must be discharged into a resistor (cable discharge).

When VSC is connected to wind farms for example, if the AC grid is faulty and cannot receive power, the wind turbines must be braked using a DC chopper resistor .

A wide range of filter resistors

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR is at your disposal to define the specific parameters linked to your resistance needs, depending on the market.

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