Capacitive and inductive (or inductive) load banks: for full load test or phase shift correction

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What are the different solutions of a reactive load bank?

2 types of reactive load banks: resistive, inductive or capacitive

There are 2 types of reactive load banks depending on the equipment tested:

  • Inductive load bank when the power factor of the equipment is between 0 and 1
  • Capacitive load bank when the power factor of the equipment is between -1 and 0

Its function: to simulate an inductive or capacitive load

In the case of an installation with a large number of motor devices, transformers and capacitors, the load banks used during the load test require a reactive power compensation .

A reactive load bank can simulate an inductive or capacitive load depending on the type of load expected from the power system.

The different loads associated with a load bank

Reactive – inductive loads: convert current into a magnetic field

Among the devices that produce reactive / inductive loads, there are:

  • engines
  • transformers
  • carburetors

When used in combination with a resistive load bank , the solutions of reactive / inductive load banks can simulate actual mixed commercial expenses :

  • lighting
  • heating
  • engines
  • transformers
  • and carburetors

Thus, with a reactive / inductive load bank, it is possible to assess the performance of the supply system as a whole : generators, voltage regulators, conductors, switchgear and other equipment.

Reactive – capacitive loads: charge and release energy

A capacitive load bank and an inductive load bank are similar in utility and rated speed.

Capacitive reactance resists change in voltage, carrying the voltage ahead in the circuit current. On the other hand, lightly loaded switched mode power supplies (applied to reduce harmonic currents) and long cables can cause a drop in the system.

It is a power factor in advance which enables reactive power to be supplied from these loads to the system. As a result, the power factor improves.

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