A mobile and portable load bank

A mobile load bank: compact and handy

Lightweight, efficient and easy to handle, the mobile load bank performs like a classic test bank, with the advantage of being compact and handy.

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR, today the world leader in the resistive and / or reactive load bank market, of all powers, for direct and / or alternating current, offers a range suitable for harsh environments.

The mobile load bank will allow all types of load testing and testing of generators or inverters.

Thought-out ergonomics, enhanced handling

Among the options of the mobile load bank range:

  • a suitcase or cover with reinforced protection for storage and transport
  • handling handles
  • equipment on wheels
  • road trailer mounting generator set carrier type (Central axle, ø 50 coupling ring or ball, 155/70 R 13 C wheel, Telescopic jockey wheel, Rear stand, Spare wheel with support, Galvanized frame.
S630 Series load bank on casters
S630 Series load bank on casters
S630 Series load bank on casters
S630 Series load bank on casters

Portable charging bank

The range of portable load banks METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR is designed to be able to:

  • reduce size
  • increase performance,

for powers from 1 to 750 kW, in one box .

Our team is at your disposal to define the specific parameters related to your needs.