Generator manufacturers, installers, maintainers, and rental companies: the safety of your electrical equipment

In order to ensure the sustainability of your continuous or emergency electrical energy production installations, or those of your customers, the installation of a load bank is essential. METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR offers you a range of load banks of smaller or larger powers and comply with the international regulatory standards in force: Stage V, NFPA 110, EL 18 for establishments open to the public (ERP) or high-rise buildings (IGH).

Why do you need a load bank?

A load (or test) bank consumes electrical power through resistors and sometimes inductors. It will therefore allow the testing, maintaining and ballasting of generators or other electrical equipment.

For reasons of safety, maintenance, compliance or anticipation of risks, it is essential to test your power sources or those of your customers. This guarantees you, in the long term, correct operation of your equipment (generators, inverters, batteries, motors, turbines, etc.) and a reduction in breakdowns and breaking of your equipment.

Your solution, for you or your customers, is the use of load banks adapted to your needs up to 3300 KVA and beyond – by interconnecting them.

A complete range of load banks: all powers for all types of environment

Several large-scale structures, in France and internationally, have chosen safety and performance with the installation of METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR load banks.

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Generator manufacturers, installers, maintainers, and rental companies already trust us

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR works alongside all energy-generating industries, supporting their production process and the safety of their equipment.

DEPLOYED METAL RESISTOR meets all types of needs thanks to

  • a scalable standard range
  • specific products

When does your experience with METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR begin?