Mobile load banks: travel and mobility equipment

S630 Series load bank on casters

Load banks are easy to handle and transport ergonomically within a building or via public infrastructure (roads, streets, passage under bridges, etc.).

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR load banks are all equipped a lifting ring.

Other load bank displacement options are available:

  • Transport or handling wheels : to move from one workshop to another for example
  • A base with fork passage or a skid frame : for handling by forklift

These mobility devices are particularly appreciated for load banks for small generator sets or small power inverters .

Transport equipment: lifting ring, caster, base with fork passage

Lifting eye: crane and installation at height

All load banks are fitted by default with a lifting ring (height +75 min).

Practical, the lifting ring offers easy handling in many conditions:

  • For crane in order to install the load bank on a truck
  • To lift the test bank and sling it
  • For installation at height , on the roof for a data center for example

The lifting rings provided on the equipment are sized to handle the electric load bank alone . In the event that additional equipment is installed on the load bank, we recommend that you contact our services . We can then check the good mechanical strength of the structure as well as the lifting rings.

Transport or handling wheels

The castor equipment (optional) makes your load bank mobile (height + 155mm).

Indeed, these casters:

  • Make it easier to move a light load bank. The wheels can be locked for total safety and perfect stabilization when using the load bank.
  • Can be used for short trips such as, for example, mobility from one workshop to another in order to carry out tests and maintenance of electrical installations.

Base with fork passage: load bank on skid frame

Thanks to the skid frame or forklift base, the test bank can be maneuvered by forklift.

All our customization options for a tailor-made mobile load bank

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR is at your disposal to define the specific options and equipment related to your needs: