Discharge bank : qualification and test of electric battery

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Why do you need to discharge a battery?

By discharging a battery using a discharge bank, this will allow to:

  • Regenerate the battery
  • Test DC generators
  • Check its power
  • Estimate its capacity and reliability
  • Improve its lifespan

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR offers a wide range of load and discharge banks:

  • for the battery maintenance and testing in different industries, environments and fields of application.
  • and also the discharge data recording with precise curves and analyses.

A question of safety and improvement of the lifespan

Discharges the batteries to ensure their full capacity

Direct current is very present through the batteries. It is often found in

  • the binding sectors of activity like the navy or tankers.
  • in embedded systems as on ships for example.

Depending on the different uses, it is necessary to regularly discharge the batteries to ensure their full capacity .

Additional regulatory constraints

Unlike alternating current, there are many more standards for direct current, hence the additional necessary care.

A challenge for any type of battery

For all types of battery, it is important to discharge them:

  • During the transport phase : in particular lithium-ion
  • For safety reasons : electrification-electrocution by direct contact, generation of sparks etc …
  • To optimize their capacity : lead-acid or nickel Cadmium batteries, and even lithium, are sensitive to the memory effect which reduces their capacity.

The battery test bank is therefore a relevant solution to reduce these harmful effects and ensure optimal safety of your equipment. As a bonus, this will have a beneficial effect both economically and environmentally .

A range of discharge banks to optimize your batteries

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR offers a complete range of discharge banks which are:

  • mobile and easy to transport : depending on the model, we offer transport handles , road trailers, etc.
  • easy to use : The design of these load banks allows the battery capacity to be checked easily
  • programmable : our load banks ensure the programming of a regulated charge and discharge current.

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR, is at your disposal to define the specific parameters related to your needs in battery test or battery maintenance.