Liquid-cooled resistor

Marine, Offshore, Automotive & Data Center Applications


The use of liquid-cooled resistors avoids the release of heat. During braking, electrical drive energy is converted into thermal energy. This heat energy is absorbed by the water and can be reused.

Low and medium voltage resistors suitable for frequency converter

  • Electric or hybrid vehicle
  • Crane, hoist
  • lifting
  • propulsion system
  • generator load
  • Liquid heating
  • Single-phase or three-phase application

Modular construction

The resistors can be combined to meet all your types of needs from 25kW to 2.5MW

Product tested in the harshest environments

Product that responds to all major shocks and vibrations.

Protection class IP56

For marine , offshore , data center, automotive use

System voltage up to 12kV

  • Continuous operating voltage
  • EV2: 1.5kV
  • 4EV2: 6kV