Earthing resistance – MALT, in harbors and on docks


As part of an application dedicated to the naval activities or even to harbor equipment, and the supply of stopover ships, METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR offers grounding resistors for advanced and less advanced electrical production and distribution systems, with lower environemental impact.

For efficient energy management, the earthing resistors – MALT from METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR provide:

  • Reliability
  • Agility
  • security

Earthing resistance (MALT)

What are the technical issues when a boat is docked in a harbor?

In harbors, imposing cruise ships and even passenger ships or military and civilian ships need electricity when they arrive at the quayside.

Generally, the crews leave the engines running, which causes significant pollution and increases the risk of material and human accidents.

Today, harbors are increasingly equipped with connection terminals. This connection system requires an earthing resistance.

Boats can thus connect and be supplied with electricity directly in contact with these connection terminals.

The MALT resistors protect the transformer which is able to supply the necessary electricity.

The marine earthing system

A controlled high conductivity potential equalization link, such as a naval earthing system is recommended.

The navalearthing system is an effective method of risk reduction and explosion protection, in addition to flange insulation. This system ensures a higher level of safety on the ship and on land.

Connection to shore power

Many ships are equipped with a shore power supply system in order to be supplied with electricity during stopovers in harbors.

Polluting emissions and noise pollution are thus reduced. It is also a step forward towards the decarbonisation of harbors, driven by regulations which have for many years been strengthening the requirements in terms of emissions linked to transport.

MDR neutral earth resistance

The earthing resistors fully play their role of:

  • security equipment and intervention personnel
  • Global legislative standardization
  • Environmental protection
  • Technical performance in a demanding and restrictive environment

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR, is at your disposal to define the specific parameters related to your needs via a wide modular range of earthing resistors.

Our range of resistors meets the international standards .