Type of product Earthing – MALT
name of the project FPSO
Place (Country) Singapore
Sector Oil & Gas Marine
Installation from 2019 to 2020

Our mission :

The FPSO is a floating vessel used for offshore oil production and processing, in the same way as a platform. The FPSO will therefore be used to operate oil wells, in deep waters at the bottom of the sea.

This large-scale project required the contribution of several companies:

  • PETROBRAZ: the Brazilian oil company
  • MODEC: an EPCI (Public Establishment of Intercommunal Cooperation) that designs and implements FPSO vessels from “retired” boats. This is in fact a “retrofit” boat (tanker), currently used at an oil processing plant.
  • METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR to provide earthing resistor (NER).


NER for Transformer (HV)
NER for Gas Turbine Generator (HV)
The products installed had to be inspected by the customer and by ABS (Maritime Classification Body).
Integration of “Vacuum Contactors” in the chassis.

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR has supplied earthing resistors for 4 FPSOs, with commissioning until 2022.

Projects (EPCI = MODEC) :
FPSO Guanabara MV31 (Petrobras / ABS classification)
Read more : https://www.modec.com/project/detail/libra.html

FPSO Almirante Barroso MV32 (Petrobras / ABS classification)
Read more : https://www.modec.com/project/detail/buzios5.html

FPSO Anita Garibaldi MV33 (Petrobras / ABS classification)
Read more : https://www.modec.com/project/detail/marlim1.html

FPSO MIAMTE MV34 (Eni Mexico / ABS classification)
Read more : https://www.modec.com/project/detail/area1.html

“The products delivered on this atypical project demonstrated all their technical performance.”