High-end expertise is needed to manufacture resistors for renewable energy

Resistors, particularly for wind power, are a niche market. It is necessary to have extensive experience as well as deep technical expertise. The challenges in terms of safety and service continuity are considerable, and even critical for customers. The slightest breakdown or error can lead to disastrous consequences and the costs run into tens of thousands of euros.

Adopt a co-construction strategy to choose the right resistor

At METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR, it is in the company’s DNA to design a resistor in line with the customer’s needs. Our mission will therefore be to gather as much information as possible before we are in a position to make a proposal or consider the design. Upon receipt of the specifications, the METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR teams are tasked with understanding the customer’s needs and constraints.
They will ask questions in order to be able to propose the most suitable solution. Upstream work therefore takes place between the two parties, who almost co-design the final solution.

Analyse the field context to develop an optimal technical solution

In wind turbine environments, for example, whether an offshore or onshore platform, the footprint is a major issue. Every piece of equipment must be designed and optimised for this purpose: to be compact while providing unwavering efficiency and resistance to environmental conditions. The budgetary aspect is another parameter to consider when choosing the final solution. All these aspects are discussed with the customer to opt for the best possible solution.

Benefit from the advantages of standardisation coupled with custom-made

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR proposes semi-standardised resistors. The resistors all follow extremely strict specifications and are able to withstand extreme environments: wind, corrosion (C5), seismic (2g)… METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR resistors are currently able to withstand wind speeds of up to 260 km/h. Semi-standardisation also offers economies of scale in terms of production costs. You can also opt for tailor-made solutions: Depending on the customer’s needs, the resistors will be customised to meet environmental conditions and technical and budgetary constraints.

This standardisation and customisation offers a two-fold advantage: products with very good basic quality and complete adaptation of the final product.

The company is evolving to offer adapted solutions

To offer customers increasingly robust solutions adapted to real-world conditions, the design office of METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR has evolved in recent years with the recruitment of experts and the use of training in order to use 3D modelling tools.

This software makes it possible to verify the reliability of the resistors by simulating various scenarios to best test the products. If the simulation contains advanced and complex parameters, METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR also calls on partners specialised in the design field to conduct simulations that take all the criteria into account.

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