Compact, ergonomic, silent, modular and robust, the standard load banks have made the reputation of METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR for more than 70 years.

15 kW at 400 V Natural Convection

. Cooling by natural convection,

. Power from 5 to 100 kw in a three-phase 400V chassis,

. Connection in the lower part (cold zone),

. Protection index IP13 or IP23,

. Options: control cabinet, terminal block (DIN rail), castors, etc.

  • VENTILATED 400, 700 AND 800 SERIES:
    Load bank - container - high and medium tension - powered horizontal ventilation - high power - resistor - MDR

    600 kW load bank with control cabinet

. Horizontal forced ventilation cooling,

. Power from 20 kW to 1200 kW at 400V three-phase, steps from 1kW,

. Quiet helical fan – IP55 motor,

. Safety contact (ventilation control),

. Options: control cabinet, base with fork passage, terminal blocks on the side face, castors, reinforced insulation, trailers, etc.


Load resistor tunnel - metal deploye resistor

Tunnel type load resistance

. Standard format adaptable to the customer’s dimensions for insertion into the air discharge duct of his generator set,

. Options: control box, ballasting, automatic load shedding, etc.