Excellent thermal dissipation . Mechanical fixing of resistive elements by full bands, of temperatures lower than that of the active part. Increased service life of the resistive elements themselves and for insualtion and fixation parts . Great mechanicalrobustness of the setup
The geometry of Gridex U allows nearly automated production.


The Gridex U system is made up of collections of edged grids :

  • on the two short sides by full adhesive bands intended for the mechanical fixing and arrivals of current
  • on the two long sides by U-shaped stainless-steel stiffeners. Flexible insulating tape ( mica sheet ) which fits inside the stiffener while extending far beyond it, ensures the insulation between the stiffener and the edge of the grid.


The grids are stacked on two rods, threaded at the extremities. Isolation between the grids and the rods is ensured by ceramicflange rings . The assembly is maintained by nuts and spring washers.


The connections between grids are ensured by spot-welded stainless-steel riders.
These jumpers give good mechanical rigidity to the whole bank. They are doubled in case of strong currents .


The configuration of the RU grids allows us to obtain from the standard dimensions (180 x 360) ohmic values varying from 0.0114 to 12.7 ohms per grid depending on the thickness (from 0.4 to 2 mm), the alloy used or the mesh.The grid can withstand a voltage 600V or 1.2 kV in shock of lightning according to the chosen manufacturing technique.



  • High tension connection to earth
  • Filtering of harmonics
  • Loadbank
  • Motor control


The different types of alloy used are:
AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel Refractory steel Cupro-Nickel Alloy Aluchrome