All the functionalities of a classic load bank but in a mobile version… The mobile load bank (on wheels or on a road trailer) will meet your need for mobility.

Why a mobile load bank?

Quite simply, this load bank made according to your needs, allows you to intervene on your customer sites to:

  • Run your electrical equipment on a load bank, and ensure rated performance over time
  • Test, maintain, and perform trials
  • Commission and check your power sources
  • Maintain proper operation of your equipment (generators, inverters, batteries, motors, turbines, etc.)
  • Reduce the sources of breakdowns and breakage of your equipment

Maneuverability and comfort of use

Among the equipment of the mobile load bank:

  • To move it: equipment on wheels
  • To transport it: mounting on a generator-carrying type road trailer (Central axle, Hitch ring or ball ø 50, 155/70 R 13 C wheel, Telescopic jockey wheel, Rear stand, Spare wheel with support, Galvanized chassis) .


The load bank range is designed to be easy to use and increase performance.
Thus the mobile test bench has powers from 1 to 750 kW, in a single box.

Conditions of use of a mobile load bank

It allows any type of load test / testing of your generators or inverters.
The portable load bank is:

  • Horizontal forced ventilation,
  • An external power supply or on the power circuit,
  • A control system with touch screen or push buttons,
  • The possibility of Powerlock connection (on request).

Efficient and easy to handle, the mobile load bench performs the functions of a classic test bench, with the advantage of being robust and easy to handle.

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR designs a portable range in response to your needs.
– METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR load bank range
Range of tailor-made load banks
Range of mobile load banks
All without heavy handling or complicated installation, on existing sites.