Usefulness of an inverter load bank

Several causes of power supply interruption can appear, from the most basic to the most serious. In order to protect your various electrical equipment in the event of a power outage or a break in the power source, inverter load tests with a load bank are then recommended to ensure proper operation.

The test bench for inverter or UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) will quite simply play a preventive safety role in the face of multiple sources of power supply interruption. The load bench for inverter, will allow you to test the batteries (discharge) and to do a load test thanks to our test bench which will simulate the consumption of the equipment.

When to use a UPS test bench?

According to the data of the manufacturer of your Inverter / UPS, various elements are to be maintained and/or replaced according to a predetermined schedule. Preventive and regular maintenance is recommended in order to maintain the efficiency of the equipment and extend the life of this important device for continuity of service, the inverter.

Maintaining your inverter in this way will allow you to ensure the few minutes necessary to switch over to your generators and/or the return of your electricity supplier.

It is therefore essential to maintain your inverter in good working order via a dedicated test bench.

How to choose an inverter load bank?

To define your load bank, it is important to define your test needs.

  • Inverter power in VA or kW
  • Operating voltage (AC or DC)
  • Purely resistive test (Cos Φ = 1) use in AC or DC or Resistive/Inductive test (Cos Φ = 0.8), which represents a simulation of the real load, use in AC exclusively
  • Possibility of carrying out tests with a phase shift (load one or more phases) use in AC exclusively

Thanks to all of these elements, we will be able to precisely define the best equipment to meet your needs. Learn more about UPS load banks .