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ZORC: transient surge suppressor

18 May 2022|Filter resistor|

The ZORC is a unique high frequency transient surge suppressor intended for the protection of motors, transformers and generators against steep wave front, short rise times, large amplitudes, spikes, surges, other voltages transients and circuit switching. [...]

All about the resistive load bank

2 November 2021|Load banks|

A load is any device, which absorbs energy in an electrical system. Resistive loads are those where the electricity produces heat by the “Joule effect” and not by the effect of a movement. Thus, a load bank whose resistors have [...]

BAQIQ SHEDGUM – MALT – Oil & Gas project

11 October 2021|Etude de cas|

ABQAIQ SHEDGUM FOR ONE OF THE MAIN OIL COMPANIES IN SAUDI ARABIA Type of product Neutral Earthing Resistor name of the project ABQAIQ SHEDGUM PROJECT FOR OIL & GAS MAIN UTILITY Place (Country) Saudi Arabia Sector Oil & [...]


11 October 2021|Actualités résistances|

Métal Déployé Resistor is a founding member of the Metal Valley association. Metal Valley is the association of 7 dynamic industrial companies located in the Montbard - Venarey les Laumes (21) basin: Expanded Metal Resistor Métal Deployé SA Valti Nuclear [...]


11 October 2021|Heating resistance|

INDUSTRIAL DRYING The use of resistances in expanded metal low thermal inertia allows heat with great precision and without polluting a gas intended for example, to dehydrate food, pharmaceutical or chemical products. . . UNDERFLOOR HEATING OF COLD ROOMS Thanks [...]


11 October 2021|Les technologies de Metal Deploye Resistor|

WOVEN GRIDS PRESENTATION This technology makes it possible to offer resistances of power with a strong ohmic value (up to several hundred ohms ). In addition, these resistors are particularly well suited to applications which require strong tension ( constant [...]


11 October 2021|Les technologies de Metal Deploye Resistor|

PRESENTATION PREPARATION OF THE GRIDS After cutting, the consecutive strips of a grid are alternately separated and isolated from each other by an internal separator consisting of a housing or a flat iron flanked by two blades of mica . [...]