Custom-made ventilation load banks:
a ventilated series 400, 700 and 800

Load bank Forced cooling from 5kW to 100kW

Compact, ergonomic, silent, modular and robust, METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR load banks are designed to meet the technical needs of customers as closely as possible.

Features and Functions
of the ventilated load bank

The functions of the ventilated load bank

  • horizontal forced ventilation cooling (on request: Vertical forced ventilation)
  • reinforced insulation

Its main technical characteristics

  • Power from 20kW to 1200 kW at 400V three-phase, steps from 1kW
  • Quiet axial fan – IP55 motor
  • Safety switch for ventilation control

The options included with the ventilated load bank

Our series of ventilated load banks

Here are the different series of load banks:

  • Series 400 ventilated load bank
  • Ventilated load bank 700 Series
  • Series 800 ventilated load bank
  • Ventilated load bank 630 series

A complete range of tailor-made load banks

Our team METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR is at your disposal to define the specific parameters of your tailor-made load banks.

METAL DEPLOYE RESISTOR offers you a high-performance range:

Range of natural convection load banks
Range of tunnelload banks
Other generator load banks , battery discharge banks , etc …